These are a few of the questions we get. You might see yours here:

  • May I paint some rooms, if you guys approve of the color?

The Policy is:  terribly sorry, but, No.     
There are a number of reasons.     
And there can be exceptions.  
The reasons include:

  • It will leave us with rooms that we have to buy, stock, and keep track of new colors, or  we have to paint it back to the colors we do have. 


  • There is also the problem of getting a professional job.  What we have learned is that everyone “knows how to paint.” But all too often the paint gets on trim, and ceilings and floors, and can actually cost twice as much to fix because trim and ceilings otherwise don’t need to be painted.

3) Then there is the problem that fixing an amateur job can eat up the entire security deposit (OK, not the whole deposit, but a big big hunk of it.)

So you begin to get the idea of what a big deal it is.  Especially for just one or two years. The way we can see to handle our very real costs for a custom paint job would be to get additional security deposit equal to what our painter would charge to repaint (In case of a less than professional job). and then some fee to cover the tracking, stocking, storing, of new colors. Or, and this is just crazy, we would need to charge the actual cost of repainting it back to our colors. And that includes more coats to cover the change in color.
Dad Burnit!  That just seems unreasonable. 
Yet, at the same time it seems perfectly reasonable. 
Dad Burnit!

  • Can I move in early ??

(Another tricky one.)
It usually takes us at least three days to get a unit prepared.  And having your things there slows down the work.  You can imagine.
And then there’s risk that a person may blame our folks for taking or breaking something.  (Which is a total no-no in our book. We really like our guys.  We have worked with them for years.  So we don’t want to expose them to that kind of problem. We really can’t stand the idea.  You will get to know them, maybe.)
And, I kid you not, we let someone move in early once, and before the end of the second month they were raging about the poor condition the house was in, and how we took too long to fix things*.
I mean, seriously.
So, Again the answer is generally No.  But there are some exceptions.
*Foot note.  Sometimes it does take a while to fix things.  But we do fix things. We ask that you help keep us on track with any repair need you might have.

  • I just need the place for a few months.  Can I give you notice and move out when I need to?

One thing you will see in the lease is how to terminate the lease early.  Some things to consider:  It costs us a lot to pay a leasing commission, it costs a lot to prep the unit. AND we budget for unit turnover at lease end (if the tenants aren’t renewing their lease).  
All of this comes together to make it very costly for you to terminate early.  

If you think you might want to do that, you will be much better off finding another place where they will do that for you.