Just a couple of common things we sometimes learn the hard way.

#1   Don’t use liquid dish soap in your dishwasher.  Just TOO embarrassing.
#1.1  How to load a dishwasher to get the best results:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4596rshLUk

#2   Clean the Lint Trap EACH time you use the Dryer.  It’ll work better, save you money, and not burn the house down.

REALLY!! Who would do that??????

#3   Never EVER put your Aardvark in the Dryer!

#4    Oven and stove mess will bake on and then NEVER come off.  Wipe ’em down each time (No.  Seriously.  You’ll never get them clean if you let it go). This is also a huge cost for us as we end up having to trash the appliance and buy a new one to replace it because it’s so stinking nasty, we can’t get it clean. We seriously want you to take care of it as if it were yours – keep it clean please!
#5    Here’s more info on taking care of appliances.  For today, tomorrow, and the rest of  your life.  http://housewares.about.com/od/homeessentials/u/Careandmtce.htm