Save $18 in 3 minutes!
All you have to do is change the air filter in your furnace.
It’s easy as, as, hmmm.  It’s not hard.

  1. FINDyour Furnace – it’s either in the attic, the basement/crawl space, or a closet.
    • See where the big return air duct comes into it?
  2. There’s a 1″ wide slot between that big duct and the furnace.
  3. Slide the filter out of the slot, and
  4. Slide the new one in.


This can save you up to 15% in heating AND air conditioning costs.
So, let’s see, that’s maybe…
$120/month x 15% = $18       for 3 minutes effort.
What does that come to per hour?
for those of us who are more visual learners, here’s YouTube
Changing a Furnace Filter