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Lease Purchase Inc. – your partner for finding ‘home’
Based in Douglasville, Georgia, Lease Purchase Inc. was founded by long-time friends Tony Tritt and Kyle Cadman in 2000. LPI invests in the community and surrounding areas and always looks to increase the value of the neighborhoods in which they invest. LPI focuses on acquiring, improving, and leasing properties to families that prefer long-term lease.
Lease Purchase Inc.
Unlike many investors, LPI controls all phases of its business. We invest our money to acquire the property, renovate it, manage it, and to support the ongoing relationship with our tenants and vendors. We have found if we run our business “the right way,” then we will find the right tenants at the right price and develop long-term relationships with them.

Find Your Home

Lease Purchase Inc. offers homes across an array of price points certain to fit your family’s budget.

Sign the Lease

Lease Purchase Inc. works with prospective tenants to find the right home. Nothing about LPI’s process is one-size-fits-all.

Make the House Your Home

Once you find the right home with Lease Purchase Inc., we handle everything — which allows you to focus on moving in.

Why Lease Purchase Inc.?

Our tenant-management focus is simple:
Honesty :: Treat our property as if it’s your own :: Pay rent on time

The LPI Process
Lease Purchase Inc. has more than 20 years’ experience, so you are assured of a time-tested process that makes renting, buying, or selling a home stress-free.
Apply Online
In the market to rent or enter a lease purchase? Search Lease Purchase Inc.’s extensive listings — including photos, a map pinpointing the home’s location as well as pertinent information about the home. Once you’ve made a decision, apply online from the listing page.
Monthly Payment
Making the monthly payments is easy, too. The Lease Purchase Inc. website has a convenient link at the top of each page — just click and pay. It really is that simple!
Lease Structure
With more than two decades of making dreams a reality for those looking for a permanent home, Lease Purchase Inc. has the know-how to streamline the lease-purchase process. If you’re ready to commit, start the conversation with one of our experts.
We Buy Houses
It doesn’t matter what condition your house is in, you are guaranteed to walk away with a lump sum of cash if you sell to LPI. And if you receive a better, written offer, LPI will cancel the contract — and that’s a written guarantee.
We Build Houses
Lease Purchase Inc. also builds homes. There are several home plans from which to choose, and many of those have additional options. Which home is right for you? That’s your choice — and LPI stands behind its builds to guarantee your satisfaction.
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Lease Purchase Inc.